You feel you're too old or life's too comfortable

You feel like it’s too early to talk about it

There's too much happening in your life to start

People don’t understand your ambitions

Focusing on yourself feels selfish

These are the challenges women face in business every day!

Sound Familiar?

Whether you're an entrepreneur or stepping into a leadership position, you are a woman in business. And you have the opportunity to be the difference for women just like you. Stop waiting for an excuse to start.

Let's get more women into leadership positions and support women-owned businesses.

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I would honestly be lost without the help of Michelle, all the members, and the amazing guest speakers brought in. It’s definitely unique to have an entire group of women entrepreneurs to help you through stuck points, through the tough days, and celebrate the wins with you.

Tricia Sexton

Personal Trainer

Michelle and every woman I've encountered in Oak + Pine are sincerely and fiercely dedicated to my success. I had no idea when I enrolled just how much of a support system I was going to get.

Savannah M.


Oak + Pine helped me completely take control of my career and live life on my terms, unapologetically.  Thank you, Michelle for your belief in the world around you and your passion for helping others live out their dreams! 

Aurora Serrao

Life Coach

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Since launching Oak + Pine and hearing countless stories from modern working women, I’ve realized we share the same journey – prioritizing financial freedom, passionate work, and a daily sense of harmony between all aspects of life. And although each priority seems simple, it isn’t easy. 

Our platform is a safe space for entrepreneurs, work-from-home moms, and retired business professionals to gather and support one another through community, events, and mentorship.

hey sis!
I'm Michelle

A first-generation American whose family set roots in Hawaii to give me a better life.

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