6 online mastermind meetings

regular guest expert speakers

resource library with tons of pre-recorded masterclasses

2 months free access to Oak + Pine Society with option to continue membership

Get started right with basic form inside our Incubator Mastermind. Whether you're launching a new business or changing careers.

Let's set a good foundation with the basics

Our Incubator Masterminds are designed to kickoff your new adventure on the right foot


A supportive mastermind

You'll develop a special bond with each member of our mastermind. Continue to grow with them and share the journey with other ambitious women.



Our weekly guest speaker range from professional and life coaches. Uncover your limiting beliefs with experts to guide you along the way.


Clarity comes from intentional conversations. We'll surround you with like-minded women who are on the same journey as you. You'll feel seen and heard every step of the way.


It's easy to talk yourself out of starting which is why our mastermind focuses on mindset daily. You are worthy and capable of achieving everything you want in life. All you need to do is start.

In just 6 short weeks you'll have all the clarity to jump into the Oak + Pine Society Membership with confidence!

The secret is our simple 4 step system

I would honestly be lost without the help of Michelle, all the members, and the amazing guest speakers brought in. It’s definitely unique to have an entire group of women entrepreneurs to help you through stuck points, through the tough days, and celebrate the wins with you.

Tricia Sexton

Personal Trainer

Michelle and every woman I've encountered in Oak + Pine are sincerely and fiercely dedicated to my success. I had no idea when I enrolled just how much of a support system I was going to get.

Savannah M.


Oak + Pine helped me completely take control of my career and live life on my terms, unapologetically.  Thank you, Michelle for your belief in the world around you and your passion for helping others live out their dreams! 

Aurora Serrao

Life Coach

success stories right from their own mouths


November: Planning the new year

August: Creating a membership

May: Starting a new career

February: Launching a new concept

Whether you're starting a new career or business, our topic specific 6-week mastermind groups will surround you with women just like you.

Start with a mastermind


life transitions

dont miss out!

If you are a motivated, get it done type of woman, but you just need a little extra help figuring out how all the pieces fit together, our mastermind is like the holy grail blueprint you've been looking for!

You want to create more harmony between family and work

You've hit a wall and feel like this is the furthest you can grow

The idea of sharing your big ambitions are scary 

you want to live life on your terms

Is this program for ME?

you might be wondering...

but what about...

Hold up, wait a minute!

Our goal is to get more women in leadership positions and create successful women-owned businesses. Whether you have a startup idea or want support to pursue your ambitious career goals confidently, we have a seat for you! Our discussions are participant-led, which means we consider you to tailor this program for your growth and development.

Are these mastermind groups just for entrepreneurs? 

No. We created this mastermind to help you find clarity in a safe and supportive environment. You'll enjoy how quickly you'll find clarity in this intimate group of like-minded women.

Shouldn't I wait until I'm clear in what I need help with?

Our mastermind program is 6-weeks, with one-hour weekly meetups. Our meetings are recorded and posted in a private portal where we can continue to engage in the conversation. The financial investment of this program is $1,200.00 (3-month installment is also available).

And what kind of time investment does this take? I don't have very much extra time.

Since launching Oak + Pine and hearing countless stories from modern working women, I’ve realized we share the same journey – prioritizing financial freedom, passionate work, and a daily sense of harmony between all aspects of life. And although each priority seems simple, it isn’t easy. 

Our platform is a safe space for entrepreneurs, work-from-home moms, and retired business professionals to gather and support one another through community, events, and mentorship.

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