2-day Biz Retreat

Set realistic goals to inch closer to your first $100k.

Master financial tactics to optimize your earnings.

Explore wellness methods that boost your energy and motivation.

Learn how to engage the ideal audience with savvy social media marketing and sales techniques.

Kickstart your business growth with core skills in goal setting, sales, social media marketing, wellness, and financial strategy in just two days.

Retreat time: 9am - 5pm.
Food & drinks provided.

Discover the fundamentals to flow
into your business growth

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2-day intensive | January 6 & 7

Jan 6-7

Investment: $355


At our business retreat, say goodbye to the overwhelm of hopping between programs. We'll help you focus and master what really matters for your business.

Struggling to stay on track with programs that just don't stick?

Feeling swamped by the sheer volume of information out there?

Having trouble finding learning resources that really fit your business needs?

Stephanie Bowles, founder of Savor the Space. With over 20 years of versatile management experience in public and private sectors coaching leaders and teams nationwide, she leads with emphasis on shared vision, organizational structure, strategic planning, and setting up scalable systems for long-term sustainability.

Business Blueprint

Raised by a tenacious, pioneering, single mother, who strived to elevate her income to provide for her family, Heather Castellano stands on her mother's hope and perseverance to educate and empower other Hawaii women through money healing, strategy and vision.

Financial Framework

Kamala Skipper is a double certified Integrative Women’s Health Coach and registered yoga instructor. With over a decade of experience , Kamala has worked with hundreds of women; coaching, educating and supporting them to feel amazing in their bodies and in their lives. 

Integrated Wellbeing

Sam Bergan, the dynamic force behind Oak + Pine's programs and events. With a flair for content creation and strategic planning, Sam excels in fostering authentic engagement, creating new connections, and using Instagram as a tool for growing communities. 

Instagram Growth

Michelle Carmack is the founder of Oak + Pine Society and GatherHI. Bootstrapping her way to success, she's thrived on building relationships and authentic sales, drawing in people who share her vision and work style. Michelle's journey showcases the strength of genuine connections in business.

Authentic Outreach

Meet a few Oak + Pine Members who are here to support you.

Meet our instructors

Transform insights into action with practical steps that move you from planning to executing your business dreams.



Embrace wellness practices that keep you energized and focused, ensuring you're at your best in your entrepreneurial journey.


Develop robust, adaptable strategies that navigate market trends and position your business for long-term growth.


Set clear, achievable goals that not only define your vision but also map out your path to success.

In just two days, you'll craft a personalized blueprint that truly resonates with your business's unique identity.


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If you're ready to transform your business dreams into achievable goals, find the perfect balance between work and wellness, and turn innovative strategies into action, this is the program for you.

Looking to set and reach clear business goals.

Interested in balancing wellness with entrepreneurship.

Keen on crafting flexible, long-term business strategies.

Ready to turn plans into actionable steps.

Is this retreat for ME?

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Hold up, wait a minute!

Investing in this retreat is a step towards securing your business's future, not just an expense. The skills and strategies you'll learn are intended to provide lasting value, greatly surpassing the initial cost. Additionally, the networking opportunities here can forge priceless connections, which might be expensive to achieve elsewhere. While the retreat's value exceeds $2500.00, your investment for this transformative 2-day experience is just $355.00.

Is the cost of the retreat justifiable within my tight budget, and will it truly offer a good return on investment?

While dedicating two days might seem challenging, the time you spend with us is an opportunity to step back, strategize, and return more focused and productive. Many entrepreneurs find that this short break actually saves them time in the long run by avoiding burnout and enhancing efficiency.

Can I afford to commit two days to this retreat considering my packed schedule and numerous responsibilities?

Our retreat is tailored to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs. We cover a broad range of topics and provide practical, actionable insights that you can adapt to your specific business context. You'll leave not just with ideas, but with concrete plans and strategies relevant to your unique business challenges.

Will the content of the retreat be relevant and effective in addressing my specific business needs and challenges?



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biz retreat


Oak + Pine Society is an empowering community of female entrepreneurs in Honolulu, HI. We are a vibrant collective of innovative women, each crafting our own path in the world of business.

United by a shared vision of entrepreneurship on our terms, we offer a supportive network where ideas flourish, collaborations are born, and personal growth is celebrated. In our society, we harness the unique strengths of female leadership and creativity to not only succeed in our ventures but also to inspire and uplift one another.

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