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You have everything you need right here in our community. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to give back to other female entrepreneurs, you’ll have access to experts during our monthly office hours. Professionals like a Bookkeeper, Public Relations experts, Mindset Coach, and more! 

You’ll expand your support network with people who genuinely want to buy, collaborate, or promote you. You’ll have the opportunity to promote your event and host member-led workshops as an experiential marketing approach.

To simplify what you’re getting… when you become a member, you’re tapping into a network of supportive friends and colleagues who need your business to succeed.

Fact 1 | My Human Design is a Self-Projected Projector who embraces naps and productivity.

Fact 2 | Oak + Pine is my first business idea and community was always at the heart of my vision.

Fact 3 | I'm a first-generation American and my family are immigrants from the Philippines who wanted a better life for us. 

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