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I thought starting a business would give me the freedom to raise a family and be the mother I aspired to be. But I was wrong. Whether you're an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder, we share the same struggles as modern working women. Let's work together and create a community that finally supports women just like us.

Here's my perspective, sis. Women are pushed into entrepreneurship because we call the shots -- the impact, flexibility, and financial gains. The truth is, entrepreneurship is a high-risk, high-reward environment. And for most, building a business is slow. It took me 3-years to hit six figures, AND most of that money went right back to the company. This is the reality of most entrepreneurs. Designing life on your terms involves a destination, road-map, and people to enjoy the journey with you. As sexy as being an overnight success may sound, that comes with many unrealistic expectations, which I learned the hard way.

I believe community beings awareness to what's truly possible

You have options that will lead you to thrive personally and professionally without sacrificing your values, growth, and boundaries. I created Oak + Pine for founders, trailblazers, and leaders just like you. When we prioritize supporting women into leadership positions and women-owned startups, we directly impact eliminating barriers for all modern working women.

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We want all women to have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally to create and lead small businesses and organizations with no barriers holding them back. Oak + Pine is an inclusive community for ambitious women who stay true to their impact for the greater good. 

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