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Whether you're looking to advance in your career, start a business, or support like-minded women, we're the right community for you. We're a community of women who will help you at every stage of your personal and professional growth.

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Most of our members are with us since launch because of the invaluable community


Join our community of unapologetic ambitious women and you'll get the following...

Challenge yourself to be the change

- Brittnee Lau, Treehouse Teas

All the women are passionate entrepreneurs, and seeing their progress & growth has encouraged me to keep going when I was ready to just keep my business as a hobby. Since having Amelia, I have brought her to events & workshops where she is always welcome (& has lots of aunties to play with).

"Since joining Oak + Pine I have made valuable connections with women who genuinely support me & my business."

- Shavone Lave, The CEO Baker/The Sugar Hut

I wouldn't call it a business membership -- it's more like a well-rounded life membership as it caters to all areas of my life. Business, Finances, Motherhood, Self Care, and more. As a member, Oak + Pine have provided opportunities for me to expand my network.

"When I first joined Oak + Pine Society, I joined for pure accountability.....but realized that I got so much more than that. "

- haylee watson, artist

...but the Oak + Pine community has created a space for everyone to flourish no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. Oak + Pine has been a vital push for my small business. Not only does it offer entrepreneurial support but it also connects me with other local women entrepreneurs here in Hawaii. 

"Trying to balance being a mom, full time worker, and small business owner can be a little difficult sometimes..."

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Unlimited in-person events

Online Community access

On-Demand Masterclasses

Monthly Hot Seat Calls




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Since launching Oak + Pine and hearing countless stories from modern working women, I’ve realized we share the same journey – prioritizing financial freedom, passionate work, and a daily sense of harmony between all aspects of life. And although each priority seems simple, it isn’t easy. 

Our platform is a safe space for entrepreneurs, work-from-home moms, and retired business professionals to gather and support one another through community, events, and mentorship.

hey sis!
I'm Michelle

A first-generation American whose family set roots in Hawaii to give me a better life.