Membership for local female entrepreneurs in Honolulu, HI.


Unlock access to a supportive community, unlimited in-person events, and shared workspace.


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Benefit from weekly mentorship, a chance to win a cash prize, join a vibrant community of female entrepreneurs, and gain access to our shared workspace.

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fall 2024

We create community through regular in person social, educational, and wellness events.


Host workshops, conduct 1:1 meetings, or work remotely in our versatile space!


Explore topics like marketing, sales, legal advice, and more, available both hybrid and on-demand!


Our vibrant community in Honolulu attracts members eager to connect and share resources with fellow entrepreneurs.

Join us for our meetups across Oahu, where you'll find welcoming spaces for networking and growth.

Experience our supportive network, offering regular get-togethers, business development resources, and a coworking space along the Hawaii Kai waterfront.

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Monthly Investment: $125/mo

Unlock full access to a vibrant community for women entrepreneurs seeking growth and connection. Enjoy all benefits, no annual commitment, and pause anytime. Find your tribe, share resources, and expand your skills.

Full Membership (7-day free trial)

Monthly Investment: $19/mo

Lead by our founder, Michelle Carmack. Learn to launch a thriving membership with our online masterclass. Gain insights, strategies, and the confidence to succeed --- a perfect alternative for those seeking step-by-step guidance from anywhere.

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One Time Payment: $79.00

Access 5 empowering events within 6 months with our Punch Card. Connect, learn, and grow in a community that inspires. Ideal for busy schedules wanting community and growth.

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