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Helping women feel empowered on their terms.

oak + pine society

Oak + Pine Society is a community of local female entrepreneurs designing life on their terms. We create community through meaningful, educational, and spiritual-focused events.

Maybe you’re here because you have a business idea but not seeing any progress. Perhaps you don’t know where to start, but know that you’re ready to change your circumstances and work/life environment.


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When you feel unmotivated, it’s time to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. Confused? Tap into a network of experts that support your business personally, professionally, and spiritually. And when you’re feeling doubtful, take action.

Find ways to create promotional opportunities that don’t feel salesy. And make organic referrals that are from people who genuinely see your value. You have everything you need right here in our community. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to give back to other female entrepreneurs, you’ll have access to experts during our monthly office hours.

Professionals like a Bookkeeper, Public Relations experts, Mindset Coach, and more! 

Est. 2020

Meet michelle.
entrepreneur. event planner.

about our founder

Michelle is an event planner with a strong passion for supporting female entrepreneurs. She comes from a strong lineage of women who’ve built businesses to live the life of their desire. “If it weren’t for my Grandma Betty and mama Mely, my opportunities would look very different today.” Michelle aspires to support those who want a better future for themselves and those they love.

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oak +  pine society

Gather Planner Membership is for early entrepreneurs who are starting their entrepreneurial journey. In this membership, you'll receive a physical Gather Planner with interactive workshops and online community. This membership is great for those who have an idea, and need loving accountability to finally pursue their passion.

The Society Membership is a top-tier membership with exclusive events and event collaboration opportunities with Oak + Pine. This membership is perfect for entrepreneurs who have launched their business, looking for a strong support system, and want to be positioned as an industry leader to support other entrepreneurs.

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Do you have the right support system for your upcoming life transition?


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Do you have the right support system for your upcoming life transition?

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oak + pine society

You’ll expand your support network with people who genuinely want to buy, collaborate, or promote you. When you become a member, you’re tapping into a network of supportive friends and colleagues who need your business to succeed.