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Learn how to effectively sell your membership.

Dive deep into marketing tactics that resonate with your target audience

Uncover the secrets to keeping members engaged and subscribed

Explore scalable strategies to grow your membership base without compromising quality 

Boost your membership's success with our online monthly masterclass on sales, marketing, and retention strategies led by our founder Michelle Carmack.

Live Every second tuesday at 10:30am. Replays available.

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Live membership masterclass

As a seasoned entrepreneur who transformed my business with a community-centered membership, I've experienced firsthand the power of monthly recurring revenue to support growth and expansion for solopreneurs. Launching a membership was not just a business decision; it was the best decision I made for both my business and personal growth.

My mission is to pay it forward by empowering other entrepreneurs with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to launch successful memberships. By doing so, I aim to help them create a sustainable revenue stream and a supportive community that will thrive alongside their business.

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Our masterclass is designed for efficiency, requiring only a few hours weekly. It's crafted to fit into busy schedules, ensuring you can learn and apply new strategies without overwhelming your calendar.

How much time will I need to commit to this masterclass each week? I'm concerned about fitting it into my already busy schedule.

Our content is constantly updated to reflect the latest market trends, ensuring relevance across various industries. We focus on practical, proven strategies that participants can tailor to their specific business needs.

I have doubts about whether the strategies taught will really work for my specific business. How up-to-date and relevant is the content to today's market trends?

While our masterclass covers broad strategies, we also provide tools for customization to your unique situation. Plus, interactive sessions allow for personalized feedback, making the guidance you receive directly applicable to your business.

Will the masterclass content be adaptable to my unique business challenges and goals, or is it more of a general approach? I'm looking for personalized guidance.

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Online membership masterclass

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Unlock full access to a vibrant community for women entrepreneurs seeking growth and connection. Enjoy all benefits, no annual commitment, and pause anytime. Find your tribe, share resources, and expand your skills.

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Lead by our founder, Michelle Carmack. Learn to launch a thriving membership with our online masterclass. Gain insights, strategies, and the confidence to succeed --- a perfect alternative for those seeking step-by-step guidance from anywhere.

Online Membership Masterclass

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