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2022 Theme: Support and Productivity

Work/life harmony is possible with the right clarity, supportive network, systems, and habits.

Let’s prioritize our productivity this year so that you can find harmony while working towards your ambitious goals. Our theme this year is support systems and productivity… because balance is impossible without the two. Leverage our resources and community to create a supportive network AND create new habits that support you on this new level.

Our Society Structure is the accountability you’ve been looking for! Take the StrengthsFinder Test and let’s put it all on the table. Review the profiles of other members and intentionally pull in people in your support system based on what you need today. Others will review your profile just like you, so please be sure to include your boundaries and how you’re willing to support them. Please be respectful to your fellow sis — if she (or you) unintentionally over extended, take a moment to reflect and re-calibrate to find a good flow.

Flow is a series of habits. You can create a series of habits that support your overall well-being. It just takes a little bit of effort to unlearn and relearn new habits that support the current journey you’re on. Use our Habit Tracker to set your goals. Jot down what the habit is and how you’ll celebrate. Then return to this document to hold you accountable. Mark each time you complete this task up to 30 days. At the end of each milestone, post on the fourm by answeing the question prompt provided.

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